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How Does the State Medical Board of Ohio Enforce Violations of Its Laws and Rules?

The State Medical Board of Ohio (Medical Board) has the legal authority to investigate complaints and impose discipline against its licensees, including, but not limited to, Doctor of Medicine and Doctors of Osteopathy.

One of the Medical Board’s most important functions is the enforcement of its laws and rules. The Medical Board investigates complaints that it receives. When evidence of a violation of a Medical Board law or rule warrants, the Medical Board may impose discipline including, but not limited to, revocation, suspension, and/or probation of a license, assessment a fine, and imposition of other sanctions.

Reasons for Medical Board discipline. Three reasons we have commonly seen the Medical Board take disciplinary action against its licensees are:

  • Impairment: Numerous citations issued by the Medical Board in 2018 were based upon a medical professional suffering from drug or alcohol impairment.
  • Prescribing Issues: Matters involving inappropriate prescribing included, but were not limited to, prescribing to family members or to a person with whom there was not a physician-patient relationship.
  • Criminal Matters: Medical Board disciplinary matters based on criminal convictions included, but were not limited to, convictions for health care fraud, DUI/OVI, and disorderly conduct.

What if I am contacted by the Medical Board?  Obtaining legal counsel is recommended.  An attorney experienced with Medical Board disciplinary matters can assist you understand the Medical Board’s disciplinary process from the investigation stage to the Administrative Hearing stage and appeal of a Medical Board disciplinary Order.

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