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Your Professional License Is Your Livelihood

By Protecting Your Rights, We Protect Your Career

Your license is critical to your professional success. As a professional, you have invested a lot of time and effort in your career. Difficulties in obtaining your license or the uncertainty of facing a possible restriction or revocation of your license can be stressful. Work with a legal team that understands the problems you are facing, with the experience and skill to help you obtain or protect your license.

When licensing problems arise, the law firm of Collis Law Group, LLC, assists physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, teachers, social workers, psychologists, accountants and other professionals in licensing matters before governing boards that are located in Greater Columbus. We understand your anxiety, and we invite you to tell us your story and find out more about how we may be able to help you.

Skilled Medical License Defense For Every Situation

Our experienced Ohio professional license defense attorneys can help you with:

  • Initial license application process
  • Professional board investigations and negotiations of Consent Agreements
  • Defense against sanctions, such as suspension, probation, restrictions or revocation, in disciplinary hearings
  • Appeals of disciplinary actions and decisions in Ohio courts
  • Credentialing and professional concerns

We provide our clients with information about the legal processes, their rights and their legal options, so they can make informed decisions. Most importantly, we give our clients the peace of mind that their interests are being protected under the circumstances, especially throughout every step of any disciplinary hearing procedures or investigation.

Knowledgeable Legal Guidance For Doctors And Nurses

Physicians and nurses each have unique requirements placed upon them for licensure. If you are facing Board investigations, disciplinary hearings or sanctions like suspension, probation or revocation, legal representation from our attorneys who have experience in these specific matters can help provide you with guidance you need to make informed decisions.

Our lawyers have represented physicians, nurses and other professionals in every aspect of licensure defense and every type of allegation from billing violations to accusations of inappropriate contact or relationships with patients. We know that this is a difficult time for you. We will work with you personally to reach a resolution in the manner appropriate for your situation.

Substance Abuse And Mental Health Issues

Some professional license defense or peer-review cases involve substance abuse or addiction or mental illness issues. These diseases can result in Board action on their own or can cause professionals to make poor decisions that they otherwise would never make.

If your licensing issues stem from substance abuse or mental health issues, do not be afraid to call us to discuss your situation. We understand the treatment process you are facing and the requirements of your professional Board, including explaining any disciplinary hearing procedure you may be subject to. We can help you through the process so that you may focus on your recovery.

Peer Review Representation

We represent professionals in peer-review processes, from preparing information to submit to the medical executive or other committees as part of the corrective action process, to negotiating mutually agreeable resolutions, to full-blown peer review hearings. We will walk you through the entire peer-review process and work toward an acceptable outcome under the circumstances.

The Importance Of Your Professional License | Professional License Defense in Ohio

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