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Professional License Defense Involving Substance And Mental Health Issues

At Collis Law Group, LLC, in Columbus, our attorneys have spent years working with professional clients throughout Ohio whose careers have been threatened by alcohol, substance abuse or mental health issues.

When mental health or substance abuse problems result in Board investigations or disciplinary actions, or even if you have realized on your own that you have a problem, knowing what to do next can be frightening and confusing. We want you to know that we have helped many other professionals in your situation, work regularly with a wide variety of treatment providers, and know the requirements of the professional Boards. Our experienced lawyers can help you navigate this unfamiliar terrain.

Compassionate Attorneys Dedicated To Helping Professionals

As your law firm, Collis Law Group, LLC, can help you:

  • Navigate the process of alcohol, substance abuse or mental health assessments, evaluations and treatment
  • Work to help you understand the implications on your professional license and registrations
  • Explore nondisciplinary options, such as the Ohio Nursing Board’s Alternative Program or the Ohio Medical Board’s one-bite rule
  • Demonstrate the treatment or other steps you have taken to recover from your illness

Ohio Alcohol And Substance Abuse Lawyers Representing Ohio Professionals

Alcoholism, substance abuse and other chemical addiction issues are common causes of disciplinary actions against professionals. No effect on the professional’s job performance is necessary for a Board to require the professional to take certain steps to keep his or her license.

The majority of our clients have never faced Board discipline. Most are good people and solid professionals who suffer from the disease of chemical dependency. We have helped many professionals with alcohol and drug issues with their respective licensing Boards. Tell us your story. Let us help.

Mental Illness

Mental illness is something that no one can prevent. If you are facing disciplinary action from your professional Board involving mental illness issues, we can help. Our lawyers understand that most mental health issues can be treated.

Tell Us Your Story

At Collis Law Group, LLC, we take pride in the personal attention we give to our clients and the professional relationships we build with them. If you are concerned about a potential disciplinary action, reach out to our legal professionals. We will work to resolve your legal issues and give you peace of mind.

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