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A Trusted Advocate For Physician License Hearings

At Collis Law Group, LLC, we represent medical professionals throughout Ohio who need experienced and skilled physician license defense representation. From our office in Columbus, our attorneys understand the issues that our clients face.

Facing Allegations Of Physician Misconduct?

Most of our clients have never faced a licensure Board in their lives. Some of our clients are dealing with mental health or substance abuse issues that are hindering them professionally. Still other clients have been falsely accused of wrongdoing, and they need help setting the record straight. Whatever the reason, we are committed to helping you through the process to make sure that your situation has been heard and you are aggressively defended.

We understand the fears that physicians experience in this situation because we have helped many physicians through the professional license defense process. At Collis Law Group, LLC, we understand, and we are here to help you. Contact our experienced attorneys to discuss your situation during a confidential consultation.

Understanding The Physician Licensure Defense Process

Defending a medical license begins months before a hearing is held. Medical records may need to be reviewed, expert or fact witnesses located and interviewed, and a myriad of documents investigated for possible use as evidence in the hearing that is often necessary in Ohio Medical Board cases. The process doesn’t end with the hearing. Responses, called Objections, may need to be prepared, and preparation for an appearance before the Medical Board itself may be necessary.

Our lawyers have years of experience representing clients before the State Medical Board of Ohio, as well as appealing physician disciplinary orders to the Common Pleas Courts, Appellate Courts and the Supreme Court of Ohio. We understand what goes into medical license defense, and will walk you through every step of the process.

Tell Us Your Story — We’re Here To Help

If you are facing disciplinary action from the State Medical Board of Ohio or a related action regarding professional licensing, we welcome the opportunity to listen to your story and begin helping you find the solutions you need. Please call 614-324-9115 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting with a lawyer from our firm.